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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

Summary Coding, testing, and debugging tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


These are tools that are used during the actual implementation phase.


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Project name Summary
creole Database abstraction for PHP5
ct-eclipse Runs tests continuously in the background in Eclipse
cutebuilder Easy VS-C++ configuration and build in Trolltech Qt 4 framework
dbsvn Subversion style versioning of database code and objects.
delphiexpert Delphi AddIn Expert Toolkit
dmemcheck utility to find memory leaks in long-running server processes
docbookcompiler DocBookCompiler. Breaking a DocBook Document into Separate Files
dotspect Post compilation Language-Independent AOP framework
dxforms Database Forms.
dynamicdom Dynamic DOM adds dynamism to XML using XRules business rules.
easyobjects An ORM architecture based on the Microsoft Enterprise Library
eclipsedotnet An extensible, integrated tools platform for the CLR (.NET/Mono)
eden-php-editor A PHP editor with some unique, useful functions
edoc EDoc is a Easy Embedded Documentation for Object Pascal source
emow emow - the easy manager of websites
eye Run-time Java class finctionality extender
fastmake fast extensible build tool with enhanced GNU make syntax
fina-generator An adaption of the design pattern of FluentInterfaces
flibbertigibbet A utility application that can be used by Agile development teams to create a heavily team-oriented atmosphere and to promote hyper-productivity.
frameworx J2EE framework, Java build mechanism
freeformplugin A Netbeans Freeform Project Maven Plugin
garden Dependency Injection for PHP5
gene Gene Compiler
gnop Emulators and emulator technology
guff Game development framework