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Summary Coding, testing, and debugging tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


These are tools that are used during the actual implementation phase.


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Project name Summary
helice Web Content Management
idea-simsyn IDEA Simple Syntax Highlighter
imap Innovative Map Open Source Solution Project
imhotep Framework for XML-defined workflows and work-routing
interphace PHP Object Model and Framework for User Interface Components.
jant A software build tool (just another ant)
jasmincc An object-oriented grammar authoring toolkit based on JavaCC
jbalboa JBalboa helps Java developers manage their jar libraries
jbraid Runtime analysis tool for finding multi-threading bugs
jcrispy Java style checker / fixer
jdirdiff JDirDiff is a GUI tool that compares two directories and merges
jeanda Efficiency and agility analysis for Java projects
jedit mature plugin-based text editor for developers
jeex Controller language in XML/javascript to build View, drive Model
jhammer jhammer is an extension to JUnit that provides a framework for writing repeatable random unit tests.
jygments A port of the popular Pygments syntax coloring tool and library from Python to Java
lawngnome PHP OO DB Model inspired by Django
leo Literate editor with outlines
limb Limb PHP Framework
linguafranca Database reverse-engineering toolkit for PHP5
logview A program to view application log files
louis A standards-based object relational mapping framework
macrame A user-friendly interactive code transformation tool for Java
makeincl Makefile includes to ease writing compact yet powerful makefiles
maven-argo2modello-plugin Maven 2 plugin to convert ArgoUML files to Modello model files