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Summary Coding, testing, and debugging tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


These are tools that are used during the actual implementation phase.


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Project name Summary
mavenutils Jerry's maven plugin collection
mead A feature-rich mono-c# development environment (IDE)
mgc Managed Graph Component "MataMata"
mies Mies is a standards-based data composition framework
mobile Multiuser collaborative programming environment
mrsg A GXL plug-in for Eclipse
mtoolkit Eclipse tools for OSGi development
myrpg MMORPG framework
naja Native Asynchronous JavaScript
newedit Testing Editor
nteam a development team collaboration platform
openenterprisex An integrated distribution to ease/accelerate Java/J2EE dev.
openetl OpenETL - A java based ETL tool for DW, Olap & BI
opengadgets Open Source Factory Repository
openzis OpenZIS is a open source Zone Integration Server for EDU
ovid Metamorphoses for Software-Engineers --- Reengineering Tools
parts Extensions to SCons for large projects
perfbase Management and analysis of software tests and experiments
perlcritic Static Analyzer For Perl
phing PHP project build system based on Apache Ant
php-xcore Enterprise php framework / sybase powerdesigner code generation
phpcreate A PHP/MySQL script generator + simple appl. framework
phpobjects Component architecture for PHP
port2java Portuguese-friendly educational programming language
prism Model-driven architecture tool for converting UML models to Java