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Summary Coding, testing, and debugging tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


These are tools that are used during the actual implementation phase.


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Project name Summary
propel Object persistence and query service for PHP5
prudence Prudence is a platform for developing scalable applications using scripting and dynamic languages. It follows REST principles, and allows for powerful mixing code into HTML and other text formats using scriptlets.
pyswt python bindings to Eclipse SWT
raccoonfwk Productivity Framework for EAI projects
readyset Ready-to-use Software Engineering Templates
readysetsphinx ReadySET for Sphinx
realmforge Cross-platform 3D game framework and toolset for .NET in C#
refaces Refactoring to Aspects
refactorator C++ editing and refactoring tool
restlet Leading RESTful web API framework for Java
resto Restlet Utilities
rife java web application framework
roseevo A RoseEvo development
roundhouse Modular J2EE Application Platform
scons A software construction tool
scripturian An embedded script library for Java
scruntch xml language for SCons
sde SDE (Sand Development Environment) Generic IDE Framework
secma User friendly open source content management system
silvertejp ASCII UML class diagram powered MDA
simplemyadmin This is an another php mysql adminstrator.
simplesql A session based SQL plugin for jEdit.
simplicity An MVC based PHP5 framework for rapid application development.
sksvpl A Visual Programming Language software IDE for developers.
smx Smx is a "macro expansion" language