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Summary Coding, testing, and debugging tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


These are tools that are used during the actual implementation phase.


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Project name Summary
wasp Web Application Structure for PHP
webdavmaven WebDAV Maven Plugin: a lightweight WebDAV plugin to copy local files to a remote WebDAV server
webify a new cms and app server project
win8085 An 8085 Simulator with Intel SDK calls
winbash GNU bash for win32
wirexn AJAX-based application framework and development tools
wxada An Ada wrapper library for the wxWidgets GUI library
wxrestedit a wxPython based ReStructuredText GUI editor
xap4net XmlHttp Application Plattform for the .NET Framework
xbuild Platform-independent build tool
xenofarm A distributed system for cross platform compilation/testing.
xmlgui XML-based Swing GUI framework with a visual component builder
xstream Design and test XML and XSLT structure and process flow
yiihaw YIIHAW is a cross-language aspect weaver for the .NET platform.